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2019 Interiors Trends to Watch Out For

The year 2019 has rolled in, and before you know it, it is going to be over. Therefore, there is no time to lose. You need to get your act straight and make your life what it should be. And what better way to start than by decorating your home? Now, what you need to realize is that you can rarely do this on your own. Just as you need to look for professional assistance when moving, in order to do so properly, you need to hire professionals to help you decorate your home. But, it doesn't hurt to get familiar with 2019 interiors trends to watch out for in order to better know how to decorate your home. So, let's jump right in.

Some of the best 2019 Interiors Trends to Watch Out For

Here we are going to list some of the best 2019 interiors trends to watch out for. But, before we do, we would just like to give you a couple of hints. First, protect your floors and carpets during remodelling. Too many people forget to do so and end up regretting it. Second, while following trends is a good way to stay fresh and keep up with the times, you shouldn't do so without any thought. The best thing to do is to look at the trends and find inspiration for one that will be your own. If you simply copy a trend, you will never find that something that will make it your own. Try to figure out what these interior trends say about the home and whether that message is related to you. Well, without further ado...


The minimalist style was a dream for movers, as there was much less stuff to transport once you had to relocate. This allowed skilful movers, such as Capital City Movers NYC, to move people at a much higher pace. But as the minimalist style has reached its peak a couple of years ago, it is slowly starting to fade away. And, as one of the first signs of its fading is the maximalist art. Incorporate old, luscious paintings in order to give your home a more artistic feel. These paintings are much richer and therefore provide more content to absorb and appreciate. You can easily see why so many artists appreciate this style, as it requires much more technique and skill than the more minimalist types. So, keep your apartment trendy, and refresh it with some maximalist art.



Environmental awareness is something that 2019 is going to be all about. We are rushing into new technologies faster than ever. Therefore, it is no surprise that a part of us wants us to slow down and go back to our more natural roots. Hence, biophilia. Incorporating wood, stone, green colours and sunlight into your home will make it more relaxed. Also, it will bring the vibe of your home closer to nature, which is something that every person should try to do in 2019. Truly, if you want a design that is going to bring calmness and tranquillity into your home while being trendy, find out as much as you can about biophilia.


Keeping up with the "return to nature" trend of 2019, you cannot help but incorporate some handmade items. Be it from clay or wood, if you are considering getting something new for your home, make sure that it is hand made. Buying furniture that was made by a machine is so old fashioned that it is laughable to speak about it. If you want your home to have an attitude and to have a more natural look to it, there is no better way than to get homemade items. No machine can mimic what human hands are capable of.

Handmade wooden chair


Take Vladimir Kagan-esque curved sofas, add graphic shapes and make it all in primary colours. What do you get? You get one of the best 2019 interiors trends to watch out for, Memphis design. It's been a long time since such a simple, straightforward style has had such an impact on interior design. But, as luck would have it, 2019 has come and brought a refreshed interest in Memphis Design with it. Just remember that this design takes a keen artistic eye and you should consider hiring a professional to help you out. Even if you have a keen eye yourself. Design like this can only work if the person who deals with it knows what they are doing.


In order to celebrate the feminine side of our society, 2019 is going to be all about feminine tones. Decorating your rooms in warmer, softer colours is bound to bring a touch of softness to it. Also, add underfloor heating, so that your home is warm even when you are barefooted. These traits have become more and more popular over the past decade, and we truly feel that 2019 is going to be the highlight of it. So, if you want to make your home trendy and beautiful at the same time, follow the social trend around you and bring some femininity into your home.


As you can plainly see, old school art and nature are making a comeback in 2019. And what better way to combine the two than with floral wallpapers. These were considered tacky as they were most popular during the 1950s. But, as it always goes with fashion trends, old things become fashionable again and again. And, floral wallpapers are making a comeback. So, if you want to make your home a bit more modern, add some floral wallpapers. It is one of the cheapest 2019 interiors trends to watch out for.

Floral Wallpaper


Out with the all-white, sterile bathrooms and in with the black, stylish, luxurious ones. One of the top trends that have crept in during these couple of months of 2019 is the black bathroom. Hire a domestic tiling company and implement black tiles and black ornaments into your bathroom and you will make it look more luxurious. A good interior designer will help you implement some interesting designs, as simply splashing the black colour in your bathroom will not do much.



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