The following list has been compiled of questions we are frequently asked. If the question you have isn't listed here, please get in touch and we'll be happy to answer any questions you have.

I'm after a competent Tiler. How much experience do you have and how long have you been working in this trade?

All our tilers have been working in the tiling industry for many years, so you are safe in the knowledge that your project will be undertaken by a competent and skilled professional.

Do you have any referrences I could have a look at?

Of course! We have many thrilled customers and can provide you with a number of references upon request.

Do you visit us to provide quotes?

Most of the time, we are that busy that we just don't have the time to drive all over the place to give out quotes. From time to time, if you are local, we may get chance on the way home, but more often than not, especially in this day and age, we can conduct business and bookings over email and can view pictures sent to us so that we can work out an estimated time scale. We have a price list on our website so you can see our rates and get an idea of the price you will pay.

Do you work on your own or as a team?

Job's are generally taken care of by 2 professionals, with a 3rd member drafted in for larger projects.

Are you insured?

Full Public Liability Insurance is in place and we are happy to show you our Insurance Certifcates on request for your peace of mind.

I see that you are based in Sheffield, but I'm outside of this area, will you come out to me?

Typically we work in and around the Sheffield areas, but its not uncommon for us to work away all around the UK on big projects.

What are your rates?

All our fees are found on the prices section of our website. If there's anything you're not sure about, just get in touch and we'll be happy to go through it with you.

Is the price inclusive of materials? Are there any hidden charges such as Vat etc.

Work is priced on the area to be tiled unless a day rate has been agreed with the customer. We are not VAT registered so no VAT will be added to the final bill. All materials will require payment upfront by the customer and then the labour charge to be settled once the work is complete unless the project is big in which payment in instalments throughout the work would be required. Where extras or variations to the main price arise, these will be agreed upon before any extra materials are purchased. If work is located outside of Sheffield then an additional fee to cover the diesel will be charged at 30p per mile round trip from our premises, plus a traveling charge for longer distances.

We require that our property is secured every day. Are you willing to accept responsibility for this?

We have worked in the domestic and commercial environment for lots of years, thus giving us the knowledge and confidence to look after your property and premises.

Do you provide quotes for insurance work?

Yes. We have many years experience providing quotes for insurance claims. We can provide you with a written quote to present to your insurance company. Unfortunately, it is usually the decision of the insurance company as to which quote they accept. This is usually the cheapest quote as they don't usually take into account the company's reputation, credentials or quality of workmanship.

Do you clean up after the work is finished?

Absolutely! We take great pride in our tiling work and this distils into how we leave your property too. We make sure that everything is cleaned up and tidy before we leave. The property is always left in a state we would expect our own homes to be in. As a matter of fact, if you wanted your whole house tidying, we have a team of cleaners that can sort this work out for you too!

What if I am not completely satisfied with the work when it is finished?

It's our priority to make sure a customer is totally happy with the work once it is finished. If something isn't quite right we will do our upmost best to make sure that this is sorted out and the customer is happy.

Which tiles are best used in a bedroom?

It's no longer seen that tiles are restricted to just kitchen or bathroom use. They are now being placed all over the home, and in the bedroom, tiles can make a wall look great if used as part of a feature wall behind your bed.

It's normally recommended to use tiles that contain interesting designs or are strong in colour to make your wall stand out.

Which tiles are best used in a small bathroom?

Some people think that a small tile is the best option for a small bathroom, and although this isn't the wrong way to go about things, a smaller tile means a lot more grout lines and can end up making the wall look cluttered. It's advisable to try and avoid any design which is too busy as well.

A large plain tile will help create the look that your bathroom has extra space, and it only takes a small amount of tiles to quickly cover a large amount of space. It also reduces the number of tiles you need to cut when fitting them around tricky areas.

Which tiles are best used for flooring?

You need to consider how the floor is going to be used when tiling a floor. If it's for a bath or shower, then the bathroom floor is going to become slippery, so tile containing a well textured surface is a must!

With regards to the design of a tile, natural designs or plain tiles work very well on flooring. Tiles with features such as wood and stone effects work well on bathroom floors.

What tiles should I use for underfloor heating?

When searching for tiles to use with underfloor heating, apply the same rules as when looking for standard floor tiles. Choose a textured tiles to give you more grip when the floor is wet and the use of larger tiles is recommended, as this means less grout, which doesn’t conduct heat as well as the tile itself.

What tiles are best to use in a shower enclosure?

The type of tile you will need in a shower depends on whether you’re tiling the wall or floor. If you’re creating a wet room effect and are tiling the floor, then choose textured tiles to give you extra grip when the floor is wet.

When selecting tiles for your shower wall, there's a number of options available that will work. Large tiles look fantastic and due to less grout, are far easier to clean. The use of tiles with a stylish design in your shower enclosure against a neutral design on the outside creates a stunning contrast and turns your shower into a centrepiece.

What tiles do I need in a wet room?

In a wet room it is extremely important to use a tile that has texture as the floor of the whole room is used as the shower tray and will typically be very wet. Using a tile with a smooth surface will be too slippery and unadvisable.

How do I know how many tiles to buy?

As long as the dimensions of the walls or floor that you are tiling are known, you can work out the amount of tiles needed. A standard tile calculator will work out the number of tiles or boxes required, taking into account the spacing for grout. You can also choose to add an additional 10% to account for breakage.

When ordering the tiles how much extra should I buy?

When placing your tiles order, you should add an additional 10% on what you expect you use. This can account for any errors in measurement, breakages and spares for any future issues. Most tile calculators will give you the option to add the additional 10%.



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