Take a look at our various articles with helpful advice and money saving tips.

Choosing the best flooring option for your kitchen

With so many options to choose from, picking your kitchen floor may seem overwhelming. Check out our advice first. View here

Guide to buying tiles abroad

If you're thinking of looking abroad for tiles on your latest renovation project, then be sure to check out our guide first. View here

Which tiles are the best for underfloor heating

Looking at installing underfloor heating? Then take a look at our article on which tiles are the best to use over it. View here

Guide to creating a Japanese-inspired bathroom

If you're looking at turning your bathroom into something with a little Japanese flair, then take a look at our guide. View here

Ordering tiles from abroad 101

Take a look at our helpful advice when it comes to shipping your tiles in from across the waters. View here

Tiling trends all over the globe

There are a variety of tiling trends all across the globe. Take a look at some here View here

Tips to unpack efficiently after remodeling

Take a look at our handy tips on unpacking after remodeling View here

Kitchen trends you should be aware of

With all the various trends in kitchens over 2019, take a look at the best ones... View here

10 Hacks to choose the best tile floors for every room

have a look at our advice on the ten best hacks for choosing the best tile floors... View here

How to add tile to your garden

Looking at adding tile to your garden? Take a look at your options... View here

10 Things you need to know when moving

You need to know about these 10 things when you are moving... View here

2019 Interiors Trends to Watch Out For

Interiors trends in 2019, have a look out for these.... View here

5 New Trends in Commercial Flooring

Have a look at the new trends for 2019 in commercial flooring.... View here

How to Protect Floors and Carpets When Remodeling

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Wall and floor tiling - upcoming trends

If you are thinking about renovating your home now is the right time to do it.... View here

Underfloor heating - all your questions answered

If your home is quite cold during the winter time, it is advisable to consider having underfloor heating installed..... Read on.

Saving money with underfloor heating

If you are thinking about renovating your home, then you should definitely think about your heating system..... Read on.


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