Tips to unpack efficiently after remodeling

Remodeling your home is a lot of fun. But the less fun part about it is unpacking after remodeling. Because you are excited about seeing how your remodeled home looks like, the unpacking process will feel like it lasts forever. Luckily, we have some tips that will help you unpack efficiently after remodeling.

You need a system

In order to unpack efficiently, you will need to create a system. This means that you will have to decide the order of the rooms you need to unpack. We suggest starting with the rooms you use the most. These are the bedrooms, bathrooms, the kitchen. This way you will start to settle down sooner, as you will feel more comfortable. Then come the rooms that you use but don't need on a daily basis such as living room, attic, basement. This, of course, depends on what parts of the house you remodeled. The same way you would hire to help you move, ask someone to help you unpack after remodeling.

Creating a plan

Work together

Now that you have a system of room-by-room unpacking and you found someone who is going to help you, create a system of who is going to do what. If there are at least two of you, splitting the job is a great way to speed up unpacking. It is best that you both work in the same room. Working on two rooms at once might seem more efficient, but it isn't. This just creates an unnecessary mess everywhere. So it would be better to finish one room at a time if you want to unpack as quickly as possible.

Start early

The best way to unpack efficiently after remodeling is to start early in the morning. This, of course, doesn't mean starting as soon as the sun goes up but it is really important that you wake up at a decent time and begin working. This way you will be able to do much more in just one day. If you haven't remodeled your entire home, you might be able to unpack in just one day. But if you have, unpacking can last up to a few days. This depends on your tactic too. These tips are also useful for those who are unpacking after moving. Unpacking properly is one of the ten things you need to know when moving.

Unpack the necessities first

They aren't called necessities for no reason. Unpack the necessary stuff first. So if you are unpacking your bedroom, unpack your clothing, as well as your bedsheets and blankets. These are necessary things for your room. If you are remodeling your kitchen, make sure you check out these kitchen trends. And when you are unpacking your kitchen, start with the cutlery and the dishes. You need them and use them every day. In the bathroom, you need towels, shampoos, and other hygiene necessities. After you've enabled access to the necessities, you can move over onto unpacking the rest of the things.

Bathroom decor

Clean while you unpack

Unpacking will create a lot of mess everywhere. Boxes will be lying around. Dust will be everywhere. So to make this job much easier, use a wet rag to clean up the dust off of your belongings. If you don't do so, you will have to do a lot of cleaning in the near future. And this will only make you more exhausted, especially after you have just done remodeling your home. And if you follow interior trends you know that one of them is having a lot of home decor. Having decorative pieces everywhere might look nice, but it is very hard to clean. So if you happen to love this trend, do yourself a favor and clean while you are unpacking.

Remember to unpack your furniture first

If you’ve remodeled your home, you probably had to pack up at least some of your furniture. Whether it is to protect your floors from furniture-moving scratches or to protect your furniture from getting damaged, the best time to unpack it is before everything else. Furniture is bulky, therefore harder to unpack and move around. So if you have all your stuff around and you need to unpack the furniture, there is a big chance that you will break something or damage it.

Chair in road

If you have children...

If you have children, the best thing you can do is unpack their rooms first. This way, your children will have their space for playing and studying and they won't be distracting you while you’re unpacking the rest of the house. Another way to make your children busy and entertained while you unpack is to give them a task. Let them unpack their own books and toys if that seems like something they would like. Involving your child in the things that are happening around is extremely important. Not only will it help you unpack efficiently after remodeling, but it will also work great for bonding.

But if you have very small children, you might want to find someone to babysit them. This way, you will be even more distraction-free, and you will be able to concentrate more on what you are doing which means you will get the job done faster.


Unpacking is not an easy thing to do, especially after remodeling. That is why you have to work smart. But you will also have to work hard if you want to get it done as soon as possible. So start early, have a plan, and get rid of all distractions and you are good to go. These are all the tips you need in order to unpack efficiently after remodeling.



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